ENGAGE TalkRadio Because we value everyone's opinions.

In ENGAGE we not only want to hear the opinions of our members but also those of the general public as well and we intend to utilise Social Media as much as possible, so as to ENGAGE with as many people as possible. 

‘The Collective thoughts of the many will always find better solutions faster than the selective opinions of the few’

One of the methods we will employ in that endeavour is to host regular talk radio shows on Facebook and we will be putting these out live whenever possible. Hosted by ENGAGE leader Marty Caine, we will be inviting guests along to debate the topics of the day and of course, anyone is more than welcome to either join in by commenting on the live feed or calling in to get directly on board with the debate. 

Visit and like out ENGAGE TalkRadio Facebook page by clicking this link ENGAGE Internet Radio

Rules for contributors 

We want ENGAGE TalkRadio to be an enjoyable experience for everyone who takes part, be that simply commenting on the live feed or calling in to take part in the debate. However, we have to set a few simple rules to ensure the show is acceptable to all our listeners. Please ensure you agree with these few simple rules before taking part.

  • No foul language, it is not big and it is not clever.
  • No abusing others, even if you disagree with what they say. Rightly or wrongly, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  • You are solely responsible for what you say, ENGAGE takes no responsibility for what others may say or write.
  • Trolls will be blocked