Not long before Therese May called the snap General Election of 2017, we had started a government petition in an attempt to gain the signatures needed to try and force through legislation so that councils throughout the country would be legally obliged to provide essential public toilets where needed. Unfortunately, because the Tories decided to call that GE2017 it did mean that all ongoing petitions were ended on the day parliament closed. Ever since the election was over we have waited patiently to restart that petition and it certainly took government long enough to start the petitions again but now they are back up and running we have re-initiated our petition. So do please sign it and share it far and wide.

Click here to sign the Save Our Loos petition…

I know many people will think this is a bit of a trivial matter but it really does have quite serious consequences if something is not done to stop what we believe is highly discriminatory behaviour of our local authorities across the nation. Due to the austerity measures forced on local authorities by central government they have been desperately searching of ways to cut back on expenditure and one thing that has cropped up in councils around the country is the closure of public toilets. Some councils have introduced a system where local businesses offer the use of their own toilet facilities but that does not help at public open spaces that so many people enjoy. By closing down the toilets at such places it really does discriminate against the young, elderly and disabled members of society because they simply can no longer enjoy those places and they are a major part of the health and well being of so many.

Here in Poole where I live there are places that had car parks packed before the toilet closures and are now empty most of the time and I personally fear that will only lead to these open spaces later getting sold of for redevelopment and we will then have lost them forever. So for me this is far from being a trivial matter and so believe we must all act on this before it is too late. Using the toilet is a basic essential need and something that should be catered for by local and national government. I sincerely hope that you see the importance of this and will help us in our campaign to Save Our Loos.

Of course there are more important issues to be dealing with but that is never an excuse for ignoring issues that do not necessarily effect us in our everyday lives , is it? In Engage we hope to address all issues that we come across and the public toilet closures is one of them. Please take a moment to watch the video below.


Best regards

Marty Caine

ENGAGE Party Leader