About ENGAGE What We Want To Do

We believe that by changing how a political party works, we can change politics for the better.

So what makes engage different We Want to ENGAGE

In ENGAGE we believe the current bunch of elected MP’s do not have the answers, the people do and we have created a system whereby the people can put their heads together to find the best possible solutions through reasoned debate. The collective thoughts of the many will always find better solutions, faster than the selective opinions of the few!

So we set up a political party that is built around its own private members’ forum, giving each and every member an equal opportunity to voice their own opinions at whatever time is convenient for them. No more waiting with your arm in the air for your chance to have your say. In Engage you can have your say whenever you think of something to say. 

The Forum has been set up so that each branch has their own private section so that only members of that branch can get involved in issues relating to their own given area, this way they can represent the people in their areas as they deem fit. No two parts of the country have the same concerns on local matters. Then there are regional sections so that only branches within those regions can discuss and vote and issues relating to that region and finally there is the all members, party sections where everyone has an equal opportunity to debate party policies, structure and direction and find answers to the issues that affect us all in our everyday lives.

Engaging with each other to find the best solutions How are policies created?

They are not… Engage finds solutions…

In ENGAGE we do not create party policies to put false promises in a party manifesto that are never kept, even if they win.  Instead, we concentrate on finding real solutions for the betterment of all by engaging with the membership on our purpose built members forum. A forum which gives every member an equal opportunity to contribute at any time that is convenient to them. Anyone in the party can put forward a policy idea for a debate, even those who do not use the internet by simply handing their chairman a written suggestion. An idea is initially posted on the debate and all members then debate it to improve on that idea, even the craziest ideas can result in a great solution when debated fully. Once the debate shows that there is a genuinely good idea there, it is then drafted and put back to the membership for further debate and amendments. Once it gets to the stage where there is little left to debate on the matter, it is then put to the membership for a vote before adoption.

Every member is notified there is a policy vote and they then have 7 days in which to login onto the forum and cast their vote and then after the 7th day, only if the policy has over 50% of those who have voted does it then get adopted by the party. As in any political voting, those who don’t vote don’t count. Because our voting system is internal on the forum it means that anything can be voted on at zero cost to the party or the membership thus allowing much-needed funds to be better spent on promoting the party.

It stands to reason that if enough people support a party like ENGAGE, then we would not have to win seats in parliament to create change. So get on board and start making a real difference in British politics. 

Solutions found through debates with the members

First and foremost we need to save the NHS from itself

In ENGAGE we believe the NHS is broken and needs fixing before ever throwing more money at it

Religious Freedoms Policy

United Kingdom is a Christian country, first and foremost and we need to draw the lines very clearly to protect that. Then deal with anything that crosses those lines.

UK Housing crisis

We currently have a system that entraps people into a rental market and this needs to change to allow people to buy their own homes.