Local Elections – May 2019

Thursday May 2nd 2019 - Local Elections Make your vote count!

On Thursday, May 2nd 2019 people will go to the polling booths to cast their votes in the local elections to elect the people they want to represent them at local government level.  Considering the fiasco of Brexit I strongly suspect that it will result in a landslide victory for small parties and independents. Simply because people are fed up to the back teeth of what has been going on in Parliament for the past three years. Sadly it will also mean that a lot of people will simply not vote and they should realise that many a bad politician is elected by people who do not vote. I urge everyone to get out there and vote to send a clear message to parliament that enough is enough and we the people deserve better from our representatives who supposedly work for us. 

Unfortunately, Engage has struggled to gain any headway in British politics and with only a few members we do not have many candidates to stand. I wish that was different but it takes a lot of hard work, time and money to build up a political party but we will continue in our aim to create a new alternative party in Britain. 

We only have two candidates standing, myself in Poole and Susan Lennon in Bournemouth both towns have now been combined along with Christchurch and is now one single authority run by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP). There are 76 seats on this council and it would have been great if Engage could have fielded 76 candidates but sadly that was just not possible. Hopefully, this election will highlight Engage to others and we can gain more members so that we can field more candidates in future elections. 

Here are the two Engage candidates standing on May 2nd 2019:

about 1


Marty Caine is the ENGAGE candidate for this ward and is the founder/leader of Engage. He has been a political activist for many years and has campaigned on many things in Poole over the years. In 2015 he started a petition to call for a local referendum on the combined authority plan that has now lead to the creation of BCP Council. He started other campaign groups such as ‘Poole Park Overwatch, ‘Save our Loos’, ‘Seaview Action Group’ and has had many dealings with council fighting for the people of Poole. 

He is not new to campaigning, in 2015 he stood as an independent in the Parkstone Ward of Poole and in 2017 he stood as the parliamentary candidate for Poole. 

He has a Facebook campaign page where people can ask him anything in relation to his campaign. Just click the link below to find it…

Marty Caine – Facebook Campaigns Page


Susan lennon


Sussan Lennon is well known in her community and has been involved in many fundraising events over the years, especially in her capacity as owner of Vulcan Sound Radio. 

She has never stood for election before but knows that with the new BCP Council it is imperative that Kinson has representation by those who have Kinson truly in their hearts. 

Susan also has a Facebook campaign page where she is more than happy to answer any questions relating to her campaign:

Susan Lennon – Campaigns Page