General Election 2017

SNAP GENERAL ELECTION JUNE2017 How did we fare as a new political party

Well as we had only just started as a new political party, we were somewhat shocked and panicked by Theresa May calling a Snap General Election in June 2017. At first, I said it would be a complete waste of time anyone standing as we were simply not ready and anyone who did stand would only end up with a bloody nose for trying. However some in the party did point out that if we did not stand any candidates, that could be then seen as we were not serious in out intentions and so I agreed to stand in my home town of Poole, which happened to be one of the safest Tory seats in the country. 

Well I certainly was not wrong in my premonition that whoever stood would come nowhere, I came last out of five, the four main parties and me. They only held one hustings throughout the election which I did do rather well at, purely by being honest in my responses. However, when push came to shove the Tories won hands down without any effort at all. Robert Syms MP who actually got boo’d at the hustings won with 28,888 votes. That was significantly higher than my 551 votes but when we analysed the result it wasn’t actually as bad as I had thought on the night. 

GE2017 was a two horse race with Labour and Conservative taking 80% of the vote share, which left very little for anyone else. The independent that stood in Poole in 2015 only gained 50 votes and that is the same as leader of another new political party call The Populist Party in GE2017, then looking at the other parties I got more than any English Democrat, more than all the SDP candidates combined, more than David Coburn leader of UKIP Scotland and even more than Mr Fish Finger, who got a lot of publicity. So 551 votes in a General Election for a new party that no one had ever heard of was actually a very good result. 

People certainly warmed to the idea of a Direct Democracy party, now we have to try to make them have more faith in ENGAGE so that we can get politicians elected that do actually want to listen to the people.