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ENGAGE believes that our elected MP’s do not have the answers, you the people do and we have created a party system based on Direct Democracy so that you the people can put your heads together to find the best possible solutions for the betterment of us all. Also, we hope that by doing so we can get back to learning from each other once again. 

Our Branches are independent units that work in the interest of those in their community and each and every branch has its own private section on the forum that only members of any given branch can access and participate in. We then have regional/county sections so that own branches in any given region can access and finally we have the all members party section, where every member has an equal opportunity to have their say on every aspect of the party. Engaging with each other to find the best possible solutions. 


Well how did ENGAGE first come about,where did it start and who are the people behind this new political party?

ENGAGE originally started of as DDIP – Demos Direct Initiative Party and was initially created as a fall back solution should John Rees Evans fail in his endeavours to implement Direct Democracy in UKIP. However, when it came to it, for whatever reasons JRE decided to go with another new party idea called Affinity. We were not overly joyed about this as we had wasted a year waiting for him but in politics you are never far from the next disappointment. We do wish JRE and all in Affinity the best of luck in their endeavours but we believe in empowering the membership and so will continue on with…

Once we found out about the Affinity project we had a members debate on what we should do. It was clearly obvious to us throughout the three election campaigns we had been in, that DEMOS was not a name people could connect with and Demos Direct Initiative was a bit of a mouthful. Though DEMOS is the Greek word for ‘The People’ and the origins of the word ‘Democracy’ it was a little too cryptic and many read it as demo’s as in short for demonstrations and thought we were just wanting to put on protest marches. So we decided we needed a new party name  and the chosen one was…


So what makes ENGAGE so different from all the other political parties?


Today there are lots of new political parties starting up and almost all of them are following the exact same model as the established parties like Labour, Conservatives and LibDems with their top-down power structure where the members are treated as cash cows and leaflet distributors, nothing more. Even UKIP followed that exact same model and as soon as they became popular, the party was infiltrated at the top and simply taken down from within. You cannot continuously repeat the same methods and ever expect a different outcome!


So in ENGAGE we decided to take that power pyramid of conventional political parties and simply turn it upside down, empowering the whole membership to set the structure and direction of Engage through reasoned debates of the many. No members opinion is of any greater importance as the next and the higher a person ranks within the ENGAGE party structure, the more subservient they then become to the membership. It is almost like instead of having a leader that we all follow like sheeple, ENGAGE is a party of leaders, each of them with an equal voice within the party. 

So how does ENGAGE actually work differently to others? What is collective thinking?


The Collective Thinking Party of Britain…

ENGAGE is not deluding itself into thinking it has all the answers nor do we believe there is a quick fix and anyone looking for that is in for a big disappointment if they join any party promising it. Engage is all about changing British politics for the better and the founder Marty Caine knows full well that he will not be around to see the seed he has planted grow into a tree with branches right across the country. Those branches are the key to creating the change needed. They work as independent units serving the people of their own communities and then work collectively together on national party issues.  If one branch achieves something that works then, of course, that idea can be implemented in other branches throughout the country, should they wish to do so. Engage is all about creating a party of the people for the people.

Is ENGAGE Left wing or Right wing? Neither and Both is the honest answer there...

How can ENGAGE be neither and both?

As we all know the United Kingdom is a two-party state of Labour & Conservative and both sides want to keep it that way. This is why they constantly promote the Left v Right divide which keeps the people shouting at each other rather than shouting at the government. This needs to change, so we open our doors to both sides and state they must leave their flags at the door, they can always pick them up again if they leave. 

As stated ENGAGE is a collective thinking party looking for solutions and we know that the best solutions are always going to be found by debating with those of opposing opinions. You can never progress on an idea once everyone agrees with it so, having both Left and Right in the party actually debating instead of shouting, helps us to find the best possible solutions.

Hence ENGAGE is neither Left nor Right, it happens to be both sides working together for the betterment of us all.  


The Left Vs Right Politics…

Of course, the government is more than happy for the left and right to continue shouting at each other rather than shouting at government as they should be. In Engage we hope to change that outdated concept and provide a party where people don’t argue they debate and both sides of the debate realise they both have the same common goal, to find the best solutions for a better Britain. 

Doesn’t that make far more sense than this continuous battle which our present establishment do their best to stir up as much as possible through the media?

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    ENGAGE is a true Direct Democracy party that wants to give people a real voice in British politics and to create a party system where we get back to learning from each other.

    Marty Caine
    Founder/Leader of ENGAGE

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Founder/Leader ENGAGE
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