The Rebranding of DDIP Why we changed the party name

When Demos Direct Initiative Party (DDIP) was first created, it was done so with the idea in mind that John Rees-Evans (JRE) was going to take the reins of the party to give people a true Direct Democracy party in Britain. When he failed to win the UKIP leadership contest where Paul Nuttall became the leader, Marty Caine spoke at length with him about his plans. JRE stated that he felt he had to remain in UKIP to at least try to get Direct Democracy implemented as he owed it to all those who had supported him throughout his campaign. Marty stated that though JRE’s intention was an honourable one he felt that there was no way that UKIP would ever allow DD within the party. He agreed to start up a new political party based on Direct Democracy and when JRE realised that Marty was right JRE could come and take the reins of DDIP.

DEMOS was a name John had previously chosen as a party name for something he had been thinking of doing and the logo was also his. Marty knew that the only way to change British politics for the better was to change how political parties function and Direct Democracy within a party structure certainly seem the best way to do just that. Marty and John remained in contact throughout and when JRE stood in the last election it became clear rather quickly that John was not going to win. He contacted Marty to ask if the original idea of him taking the reins was still on the cards, to which Marty informed him it most certainly was, especially with that fact that Marty was struggling with running a political party and doing a law degree at the same time. On Monday 25th September just four days before the announcement of the new UKIP leader John called Marty to ask for the details of the DDIP bank account, so it certainly seemed that he was still fully on board. Marty and Alan Love from DDIP Northern Ireland travelled to Torquay to be there when JRE didn’t win, expecting him to announce he was coming over to DDIP. Then in a hotel bar on Friday 29th September, JRE dropped the bombshell about Affinity, a new party he was going to join instead. It was clear this had been in the planning for a long time and of course, both Marty and Alan were deeply disappointed. In politics, there are a lot of disappointments and you simply have to take them on the chin and crack on with the job at hand, spitting out the dummy over such things never accomplishes anything.

Alan and Marty chatted about what should happen now that JRE was no longer coming over and it was decided that the first thing we needed to do was to change the party’s name. Though DEMOS is the Greek word for ‘The People’ and the origins of the word ‘Democracy’ it was clearly too cryptic for many, as we had found out in two by-elections and a general election. Most people read DEMOS as being short for demonstrations and think that we are just about putting on protest marches, which is most certainly not the case. Various ideas were put forward for a new party name on the DDIP members’ forum but only one gained any real interest, we needed a name that described what it is we want to do and that was to build a party which implemented Direct Democracy within a party system so that people could Engage with each other to find the best possible solutions for the betterment of us all. So it was agreed that the new party name would be ‘ENGAGE’.


We want to ENGAGE….


With each other

With the authorities

With the government

With those who disagree with us

But most of all… With the public

ENGAGE is the perfect name for a party that wants to do exactly that…